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Alesis Fusion:

Movin Pro




- 310! quality sounds for your fusion 6HD/8HD

- every sound loads in standard RAM (Ram upgrade kit is recommended)

- comes with windows installer

- Because  of the  size MoVinPro is only shipped as DVD and not available as downloadable format!


- These sounds and samples are Alesis Fusion propiertary format and cannot be loaded or converted to any other format!




Download the patchlist HERE



Order here: 20 Euro + 5 Euro P&P



Customers comments: (with kind permission)


- I bought the Fusion this weekend and being able to buy your library was one of the deciding factors for me to buy this synth. (C. Schulze)


- I am deeply impressed! Although the best sounds definitely are not at the very beginning of the program list, you quickly discover a wealth of sounds that anyone should appreciate:

The nicest pads and sweeps I ever heard for the Fusion
Ultra-fat synth sounds with sharp, crisp attacks (anything more fat is probably illegal)
Some noises so strange that the original sound source probably does not exist yet but is time-wrapped into the past - not be used for certain sensitive audiences, adults only!
The programs have also a fine set of controls, not just adequate use of the buttons (e.g. for adjusting sample start when the attack is really outspoken), but also a subtle aftertouch effect.
A really inspiring set of sounds. Well done, Joeri, thanks! To whom it may concern: get these! (G. Denruyter)


- I received the DVD this friday and have been going through the various 310 sounds this weekend.
All I can say is that I'm very much impressed! Very 80's, warm and fat but with digital brightness.
Movin Pro is like getting a Mercedes S for the price of a Honda Jazz. I would have gladly paid more. (M. Stolz)

- The sounds are fantastic - they make the keyboard.
Many thanks, (Michael. )

- Hey!!, your vstream sounds are great!, some kind of ambient, electronic, industrial,, really great,  thats my kind of music.
Im very excited and waiting for the vstream 2. Congratulations.
Greetings from Chile. (Pablo)
- Hi Joeri,
It's been ~6 months since I've received and installed MoVin Pro on my Alesis Fusion 6HD. I couldn't be happier!
I'd expected to be able to write you sooner and in much more detail, but it simply seems every time I "make it through" your MoVin Pro programs and samples I feel the need to repeat the process. The programs are great. The samples are gorgeous. It's been an inspiring six months.
With grateful appreciation,
David Combs
- The MoVin Pro soundset arrived for my Alesis Fusion -
It's absolutely fantastic!
A wide range of sounds that will all be very useable for my projects, and when I thought I'd got to the last of the presets there were still loads more!!
So thanks again, and keep up the good work,
Hierbij wil ik je nog van harte bedanken voor de geweldige sounds voor mijn Fusion, die ik vorige week bij jou gekocht heb.
Werkelijk grote klasse! De samples zijn van een zeer hoog niveau en de sounds zeer inspirerend.
Groetjes Bert de Vries
















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