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I am Joeri Peeters born in Lier, Belgium in 1970.
My father, a musician and conductor bought me a Juno 106 when I was 16 years old. It was my first synthesizer and quickly I started making my own sounds and got in the world of sampling with the release of the W30 sampling workstation.


Vstreams first commercial sound banks Vstream_02 & MoVin Pro for the Alesis Fusion received very positive reviews.


The free downloadable Vfree multisamples are an example of professional skills in the world of sampling and seamless looping. In the early days when RAM/ROM did cost a fortune sampling pioneers had to put as much samples as possible in a 8 Mb chip. These days RAM is very affordable but that does not mean you have to waste unnecessary space.


The target of Vstream is to deliver quality, flawless seamless looping at today’s standards.



Joeri Peeters














    When sampling becomes art



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